Gallery - Uplifting Products 


Real people in real everyday life wearing Uplifting Products Cosmetics. The world is full of beauty, you are the greatest proof of this!

Strawberry Fields Foreva on Michelle

Self taught makeup at Portland Saturday Market, Dusty Horizon on this beauty

Marooned on an Island Lipstick at Dunsmuir Craft Fair 2019

Leiyana wearing Cocoappuccino and Gold Rush Mountains

Floor It on a customer

Sexy in Soot smokey eye from a shopper at Portland Saturday Market

Rosy Love glam from Instagram

Dakota doing a makeover at Best of Shasta in 2016

Sarah wearing Amethyst Sparkle with her little one Sam

Harvest Time on Michelle

Anthony looks gorgeous with Strawberry Fields Foreva in a three tone look

Thao wearing Amethyst Sparkle and Obsidian Glass with Black Mascara

Va-Va-Violaceous at Portland Saturday Market

This is Pink, Baby! and Berry Fresh Lipstick on this little one from Lumberjack Fiesta in McCloud California

Thao wearing Rosy Love and Gold Rush Mountains, her husband Brian is an artist who painted the canvas in the back

Sam wanted a little sparkle during her Mama's makeover. We tried Strawberry Fields Foreva for just a little color

Teens rocking Black Mascara and This is Pink, Baby! Mineral Eyeshadow

Shannon wearing This is Pink, Baby!

71 Years Young! Grandma Jan wearing Strawberry Fields Foreva Mineral Eyeshadow

Sierra modeling Marooned on and Island Lipstick

Annie loves how easy Rosy Love blends to love light and natural for her

Purple Haze self love at Portland Saturday Market

Olga looks radiant in Va-Va-Violaceous

Dusty Horizon and Gold Rush Mountains, Mt Shasta Farmers Market make over.

Make over in the park. This lovely being is wearing Dusty Horizon and Black Mascara

This teen was playing with filters and we love how it makes the Black Mascara stand out on her lovely lashes

Harvest Time on a beauty from Portland Saturday Market

Playing in the minerals can be fun and beautiful!

Colby is a great model for our Charcoal Sheen Cocoa Butter Lipstick and Sexy in Soot Mineral Eyeshadow

Stephanie wearing our Liquid Black Eyeliner

Annie wearing Snow Flurry and Va-Va-Violaceous in a wing.

Annie getting brave wearing Va-Va-Violaceous and Rosy Love as a wing.

The young lady is trying on Dusty Horizon over her super sparkly silver eyeliner

Barter Fair Love, Me made up in face paint on the right along with friends dressed for the cold!

Barter Fair face paint fun, face paint is fun to put on and wear. Loved getting to know this being while playing away.

Gold Rush Mountains as a highlighter on Eddie down at Portland Saturday Market

Rosy Love at the Portland Saturday Market

Barter Fair face paint fun for around the bon fire!

Glistening Rapids on this beauty at Portland Saturday Market, love on the fly makeup dos!!

Sierra with the perfect blend of Manzanita Berries, Hazard and Floor It Mineral Eyeshadows.

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